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To be able to view our items please visit us at https://www.facebook.com/kaoskult666

If you would like to see Jays Leather Craft visit https://www.facebook.com/highlandershidesofkaos

Kaos Kult has been around since 1996  (Trademarked/Registered).

Started off as a small Screen Printing business and now has turned into a real storefront.

We try to bring you all the weird you are looking for, from the macabre all the way to the silly. We strive to make the store one of those stores where you keep finding more items you must have.

We sell Alternative Clothing, Metaphysical/Occult Items and we also Screen Print.

If you want something and cant find it, you can always send an email to us to see if we might be able to locate it for you.

Prints Of Kaos is our Screen Printing name. Please email [email protected] to talk to Jay about Screen Printing.

Hope you enjoy

Kaos Kult

Kaos Kult has had merchandise featured in the following movie

and TV productions:


Insomnia (Al Pacino, Hillary Swank)
(Canadian Indie Film)
Ripper: Letter from Hell
Da Vinci’s Inquest


Kaos Kult is also proud to have collaborated in designs, logos and silk screenings with the following bands and companies:




Black Witchery (USA)
Bloodsoaked (USA
Death Key (USA)
Desturmer (Greece)
Diocletian (New Zealand)
Flesh Obedience (USA)
Galaktika (Norway)
Goat Penis (Brazil)
Honor (?)
Inquisition (USA)
Perdition (Poland)
Proclamation (Spain)
Pseudogod (Russia)
Real Ones (Norway)
Ritual Necromancy (USA)
Scorched Earth (USA)
Teitanblood (Spain)
Nyogthaeblits (USA)
Origami Galaktika (Norway)
Vasaeleth (USA)
Wrath Prayer (Chile)


Abuse (Vancouver)
Aggression (Vancouver)
Anatolian Wisdom (Vancouver)
Auroch (Vancouver)
Burialkult (Victoria)
Chaos (Vancouver)
Codex Factoria (Vancouver)
Conqueror (Vancouver)
Corporate Folk Sucks
Hurt (Vancouver)
Crack Whore (Vancouver)
Cradle to Grave (Vancouver)
Descention  (Vancouver)
Fetal Butchery (Vancouver)
Finite (Vancouver)
Funerary Call (Vancouver)
Funeral Circle (Vancouver)
Fucken Unicorns (Vancouver
Gloria Diaboli (Edmonton)
Godless North (Vancouver)
Gyrus (Vancouver)
Harrow (Vancouver)
Horde of Anachron (Victoria)
Holocaust Lord (Victoria)
Hostium (Vancouver)
Infernal Majesty (Vancouver)
Inhuman (Vancouver)
Kafirun (Vancouver)
Kataelexis (Calgary)
Insipids (Vancouver)
Mournik (Vancouver)
Necroholocaust (Vancouver)
Necromantik Kurse (Vancouver)
Nefarious Complex (Vancouver)
Night Profound (Vancouver)
Ominosity (Calgary)
Pestkreuz (Vancouver)
Ritual Demise (Vancouver)
Revenge (Edmonton)
Saints of Death (Vancouver)
Santa Lucia (Vancouver)
Seventh Image (Vancouver)
Sik Fuk (Surrey)
Seismic Upheaval (Vancouver)
Sistrenatus (Vancouver)
Spy Girl (Vancouver)
System Shit (Vancouver)
Tanya Tagaq (Cambridge Bay, NU)
Traitor (Victoria)
Tyrants Blood (Vancouver)
War Command (Quebec)



Gunrunner (Cameron Noyes)
Corporate Folk
Tibbits Designs
Board Girl Wears
Frostbite Music Festival




Sir Daniel Tibbits (Tibbits Designs)
Chance Martin
(Indian Police)
Mr. Keith Durocher
Rob Smit
Thomas Billings


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